Founder Rei—an artist and avid powerlifter—started Iron Yokai as a side project in 2017. Her shop launched with just two pins, but has expanded into activewear with unique customized details and original Japanese-themed art.

General details about our apparel:

  • Wash instructions for each piece should either be printed inside the garment or on an inner garment tag.
  • Bra pads in all bras are removable. Our sports bras can also be worn as swimwear by removing the pads.
  • Our shorts and leggings always come with pockets.
  • It’s completely normal for it to be a little difficult to get into our compression shorts and leggings the first time around. They can’t be slipped on like “regular” pants and will initially require a bit of squeezing. They may feel tight going over the thighs and hips, but should not feel restrictive once they’re on the body.

Who / what are Rei’s inspirations?

Rei’s primary inspirations are traditional art and designs: Japanese family crests, ukiyo-e art, Chinese brush paintings, neo/traditional Japanese tattoos, and knotwork (including mizuhiki, norigae, shibari, hojojutsu, macrame and Chinese knotwork). Rei's art also incorporates themes like the red thread of fate, shibari (Japanese rope-tying) and yokai (supernatural folk monsters, spirits and demons).

What do you plan on making in the future?

Rei plans to keep designing gymwear for women, such as compression shirts, tank tops, shorts and leggings. She will continue to produce casual clothing and streetwear, but wants to stay true to Iron Yokai's roots and stick mainly to making women's activewear. 

When is your next drop?

Upcoming drops are always posted to our Instagram account! We upload daily countdowns to our stories after a new drop announcement, so you'll know exactly when it goes live.

Is an item I’m interested in going to be restocked?

All apparel is produced in limited quantities and items are dropped over several consecutive releases. Most of our products are retired once they sell out, because Rei continually makes improvements to existing designs. She wants to make sure you get the best of what she has to offer as her art evolves.

Rei does restock clothing in some cases, but will produce these items in different colorways or with modifications. It is rare that she restocks exact items with apparel. Accessories like stickers, headbands, patches and scrunchies will be restocked, however—please check individual item descriptions for specifics.

Can you make a certain product / print / themed item?

Popular patterns will be reordered as headbands, scrunchies, leggings, shorts, bras and bags. Items may also be remade in different colorways and prints may be used on other items as well.

Why don’t you make more men’s clothing?

Iron Yokai is mainly a women’s activewear brand. We do periodically release men’s styles though, and some of our clothing—like our tees and shorts—are unisex.

Do you plan to expand your size offerings?

The smallest size we offer is usually XS, and we carry up to 3XL in most sizes. As Iron Yokai grows and the demand for different sizes increases, we will of course try to accommodate you.

Can I resell your clothing?

Absolutely, if something doesn’t fit you or you just don’t like it. We ask that you don’t resell for profit though, as it really takes away from loyal customers—we want everyone to get a fair chance at buying and enjoying our items. If you’d like to swap an item for something you like better, we recommend that you join our official Facebook trade group.

Do you do custom orders?

Sorry, but we’re not taking custom garment orders or commissions at this time.

Can I purchase your designs for my own use?

Rei’s designs are exclusive and only available through Iron Yokai.

Do you do collaborations?

Rei is not currently accepting outside collaborations.

Are you accepting modeling requests?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting modeling requests.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, reach out to customer support at